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This morning my attention was caught by a clump of Solomon’s Seal in our front garden. This wild flower is a beauty, lithe and flexible.  Perfect white bells hang in pairs from arching stems. A dear friend, wise in plant lore, once told me how to differentiate between True Solomon’s Seal and False Solomon’s Seal (commonly known as Spikenard). False Solomon’s Seal produces a feathery tuft of white blossoms at its stem tips, rather than the cuplike bells that bloom at leaf junctures of the True. Another difference is seen in the fall. Spikenard’s fruit is purplish or red and weighs the branches to the ground, while the fruit of True Solomon’s Seal remains green, rather like peas in size and appearance.

Thinking of these plants brings to mind how we can be fooled by false values masquerading as something they’re not, and whether we can tell the difference.  Surely some measurement should exist to help in this business of sorting truth from falsehood. The Bible says: By their fruits ye shall know them. Unfortunately the results of our actions and beliefs are not so easily identified. What thoughts do you have on this subject?

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  1. I think the fruits of people’s actions and beliefs are fairly apparent. If we take our time and don’t rush to judgement, we can observe that shoddy work, whether in a garment or a house or a life, will always show up. You just learn what to look for. Are the seam allowances generous? Do the patterns match? Is the finish work neat? Does the bannister wobble? And in a life, if he tells you that every woman he has ever been involved with was a selfish bitch, then you should run like a bunny, because he will find a way to turn you into a selfish bitch, too. If you get involved with a married man, then you know he is the kind who will cheat on his wife, even if that wife is you. Go slow. Does he treat the waitress like a human being or just a servant?

    Hey, after sixty plus years of life, I can give you a book’s worth of advice. don’t get me started.

  2. Roxie, you’re a wise woman and your advice is right on target. Momentary lapses in an otherwise positive life can be forgiven, but it’s the long trail that shows a pattern.

  3. Aaaaah, how timely your post. I drove by the most delightful flower in the world and just got a glimpse of it. I circled the block to see it again. I even considered knocking on the owner’s door and asking what was blooming in their yard, but I didn’t.

    Now, your serendipitous post tells me I was gazing at a True Solomon’s Seal. And perhaps that’s the benchmark of true fruit? True fruits keep appearing, growing, and shining among us. The answers will come if we impatient souls can wait.
    Thanks for the post.

  4. Love your comments, Barb. I agree that we must cultivate patience as well as a sharp eye in our search for truth! Thanks for the insight.

  5. Sometimes your “fruit” of actions can be scattered about or mostly done in one locale.
    I have always hoped that the fruit of your good actions can come back to honor and help you. I know that I will always try to be good, kind, considerate and nice to people. I may not have the money to fix things for them but I can be there to offer what assistance I can, listen and give hugs.
    I always hope the fruit of my actions will, in the end, be rewarding!

  6. It’s good to remember that while we cannot nurture the whole world, we can make a difference in our little corner. Thank you for brightening my day.

  7. Actions do speak louder than words. And visions of beauty call out to us, whether it be in a simple flower or the humbleness of one who has lost lots. One never knows when what we have said or done gives hope and courage to another.

    • Moma, I love your phrase “visions of beauty” for it seems true to me that what is good is beautiful. Thank you.

  8. I must be old fashioned, because I truly DO believe that the fruit tells the story in the end.

    • Me too, Orice. To be less biblical, my mom always used to say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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