Emmy and the Maw of Time

EMMY and the MAW of TIME

It is my pleasure to introduce Linda Brainerd who has recently published her first book. Ms. Brainerd has mined not only her memories, but the flavor of her formative years. Emmy’s passage from toddler to young teen embody the joys, fears, and maturing wisdom. Because her mother passed away when Emmy was only four years old, we learn how it feels to be passed from one relative to another. Spunky, talented, and amazingly observant, Emmy will make her way into your heart and mind. I loved every minute of this book and hope you will too.          Available at Amazon in print and Kindle format.

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Book Review: Silver Thaw by Amy Rose Davis

Silver Thaw, a novella, by Amy Rose Davis, is one of those wonderful pieces of fiction that comes at you out of the blue.  I didn’t have a clue as to plot or setting, only that it was fantasy.  Well, change fantasy to a fantastic read and you have it.  I was hooked in the first paragraph.  The world Ms. Davis creates incorporates echoes of myth and history into an absorbing and exciting narrative. Metaphor, syntax, language, and style are woven together so skillfully that an entire world arises within your imagination.  The hint of familiarity is the familiarity that seizes one when a master storyteller begins, “Once upon a time.”  But her characters are not mere clichés.  They make you privy to their conflicts, desires, and dilemmas.  The story is told through four major characters, and uses a seasonal device to move the plot forward. It begins in Winter and ends in Autumn.  The mystery of a strange singing maiden and the reason she wears a silver collar and wrist chains keep the pages turning.  This is a must read for anyone who enjoys legend, myth, or fantasy.  Now I simply must read her next book, Ravenmarked.

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