Summer Dreams

Although cloudy, the day is warm. On the deck, eyes closed, filtered sunlight warms me, and I think of yester-years, when summer stretched from the first day of June all the way to anywhere. Each glorious day offered a wealth of possibility; games of pretend, bike riding, roller-skating, Saturday matinees, and stacks and stacks of library books. Even through my teens, summer brought freedom.  Horseback rides, rodeos, sun tanning, and boyfriends. Time to play, to lounge, and even watch pale moonflowers unfurl in early evening.

Gripped by nostalgia, I mourn the quickened pace of time. Summers that bordered unknown futures have dwindled into weekends. Seized by sudden melancholy, I recall Thomas Dylan’s admonition: “Do not go gentle into that good night.” Onward, upward, out of my chair! I must find that summer train. I may send postcards.

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