Still Alice

I admit I was attracted to the title, I’m Still Alice by Lisa Genova because I too am an Alice. I also wanted to broaden my knowledge about Alzheimer’s. I found the book thoughtful, provocative, deeply humanly, and lucidly told. When the movie based on the book was released this spring, I was eager to see how the book translated to the screen. Once again, I was filled with a sense of the courage this fictional woman displayed; a courage shared with real people who suffer debilitating diseases. There is a scene in the movie where Alice, now exhibiting the worsening symptoms of Alzheimer’s, opens her computer and sees her own face, a face she vaguely recognizes. For me, that scene epitomizes the question of identity. In my book, The Broken Chord, the child, Emaline thinks: “I wonder who I am. Who would I be if I had no name, no body, no mama and papa?” and later: “For I think one’s anchor is that sense of self, the verity that one is a continuous being, the one who goes to sleep at night and wakens in the morning.” What would it be like to gaze in the mirror one day and not recognize the face looking back? Take away your name, memory, and lastly your body, what is left? At death, are we born naked into that “undiscovered country, from whose bourn no traveler returns” as so eloquently opined by Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Will I be “still Alice” or a new creature committed to a new future? What do you think?

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  1. I think these are questions that haunt all of us through out our lives. And any mental disturbance exacerbates them. Great questions to ponder.

  2. Nice to hear your thoughts, Barb. We come from mystery and leave in mystery!

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