September Lingers

If I’d known what September held, I might have battened down the hatches and stayed in bed. Instead, I got up and went about my business. Several hours before midnight on August 30th, I was tooling along in traffic when a driver pulled out of an apartment complex, hitting me and starting the snowball to hell. Fortunately neither of us was injured. Damage to my car appeared minimal, and we were both insured. 🙂 Easy fix, I thought. No, the estimate I received didn’t please the insurance company. But neither did their appraisal figures. I was asked to submit my keys and title because the car was a total loss. What I had was a door that needed a new panel, probably a hood, and a bumper. So I argued fruitlessly with them and my insurance company refused to intervene since the accident was not my fault. Then I was told I could retain my car but would have to buy it back from them and obtain a salvage title. They sent papers that never arrived. Finally, we did it with a fax. But to my horror, a salvage title says: a salvage car cannot be licensed or tagged and I would have to surrender my plates. So what good would this do me? I finally found a customer service number for DMV and learned that my car would not be a salvage car; just a totaled one. I have to re-register for the title, allow them to “brand” the title as Totaled, let them check the car to verify the VIN number, and pay the fees. As of October 4th,I think we have reached a resolution. Hopefully, I’ll receive a check and my chariot will be repaired about mid-month.

We’ve also been busy at home, having windows replaced and dry rot repaired. Because the reconstruction involves office space, vital equipment has either been moved out or bunched together, requiring considerable agility to maneuver around file cabinets, computers, printers, and telephones. I’ve come close to standing on my head during a file search. Personal papers, once stacked here and there, are missing. If I’d sorted and filed them, I wouldn’t be in this pickle. Of course these stacks were seldom used because I could never find what I wanted when I wanted it.

I’m hoping October will prove a much happier month. After all, this weekend is Wordstock, and I’ll be there selling copies of Volunteer for Glory in The Starving Writer booth! See you there?

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  1. Dang. Life is about as mean to you as you are to your characters. Just remember that you are at least as daring and resourceful as Wrenn, Rachel and Katie. October WILL be better.

    • Beth, you really know what to say. Yes, I must summon up the strong women I write about. October’s bound to be better. Thanks for the bootstraps reminder.

  2. Sell lots. The world needs Rachel!

    • Thank you, Roxie! Appreciate the encouragement. By the way, your kitties are doing great!

  3. How’s your chariot doing? And I wish you the best at Wordstock!

    • The chariot is going along, trying to keep her “good side” to traffic; she’s a little embarrassed about her wrinkled fender and slightly lopsided eye. (She’s always been sensitive about her looks.) Hope to get a check from the insurance company this week so she can get some plastic surgery. Wordstock was interesting but few people were buying or so it seemed to me. 😦

  4. Good luck at Wordstock, Alice and HAVE FUN!!!! You deserve it after everything you went through last month.

    • Oh L.J! I think I “told all” in an email. Sunshine predominantly and some good things coming up before month’s end. 🙂

  5. This was a September to remember. Sorry the bad things fell at your feet. Hopefully they were just getting out of the way for a great October. Have fun this weekend. Wink at someone cute for me?

    • Barb, as long as you don’t lose your sense of humor, I can keep a smile on my face. Gee, I did see a cute guy, which I quickly pointed out to Laura Marshall of the Starving Writer. Thought he would be a wonderful character in a 1930’s or 40’s genre book, turgid with passion, star-crossed lovers, intrigue, and crime. 🙂

      • So what’d you do with him? Interview him for detail and character development~

  6. September was a rough one for me, too.

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