Scattered Pieces Released by Webfoot Publishing

It seems fitting and somewhat ironic that in announcing the publication of Scattered Pieces, I should think back upon my life. Perhaps all lives are scattered pieces, pieces dealt to us by fate, and the pieces we chose to play in such and such a way.

In my story, Katie Harris looks back to assemble the scattered pieces of her past. Katie’s life was marked early when her little brother, the mischievous Jimmy, wiggled away from her at a Cleveland train station.  His disappearance marked Katie and her parents with what might be a brand that says: LOST. AT FAULT.

As I write that, I think I might bear a similar mark. LOST. TWO SONS. Though I never consciously plotted Katie’s story using my personal history, it may have been at the core of my disseminating dream. My dream: a little boy waits with his father outside a train station. As a spectator, I see the father bring the boy inside. But two menacing figures accost them and the child vanishes.

This was the first dream. The second began after I went back to sleep. This time I’m at an airport, sitting on an outside bench.  A little girl wheels an empty baby buggy toward me. “I’m looking for him,” she says, and walks toward an airplane waiting on the tarmac. Waking again, I reviewed the two dreams, and Scattered Pieces began to take shape in my mind.

As Katie’s life of trauma, love, and mystery unfolded, Lisa Nowak was one of my best pre-beta readers.  Her enthusiasm for Scattered Pieces culminated this week with its publication through Lisa’s company, Webfoot Publishing. Besides having stepped into the world of publishing, Lisa is also the author of the YA series Full Throttle , beginning with Running Wide Open, a coming of age story set against an exciting background of stock car racing.

I want to thank Lisa and Webfoot Publishing for making this dream a reality. And the awesome ladies of Chrysalis who listened and commented, week after week, during it’s initial reading.

Scattered Pieces can be found for the low price of $2.99 in e-book format at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and on Kindle at Amazon.  The print version will be available sometime in November. If you’re interested in reading it and letting me know of any typos you spot, I’ll send you a free copy. Just leave a comment below.

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  1. Scattered Pieces is a gripping story that follows Katie Harris through a forest of tragic loss and personal triumph. Katie is a strong character, shepherding us through her story with wit and humor, as Alice Lynn weaves yet another can’t-put-down novel, leaving us feeling we can’t-wait-for the next one.

    • How many ways can a person say thank you? I could count the ways but instead will acknowledge how your review of Scattered Pieces, puts me once again in your debt. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. It is indeed a ‘can’t put down novel’. I loved Scattered Pieces. Bravo, Alice!

    • Jean, thanks so much! And I know about ‘can’t put it down’ novels since I’ve read several of your mysteries. Especially loved, The Woman in the Wing. 🙂

  3. You keep getting better. Can’t wait for your next novel. No Pressure:)

    • Gosh, could you be referring to my WIP? Thanks so much, Paige. I love hearing your comments.

  4. Can’t wait to read it Alice! I just know it will be great!

  5. I love a Good mystery and Scatterd pieces was great! Enjoyed every minute reading it! Congratulations, Alice.

  6. I agree, you writing was wonderful, so how you keep getting better is one of the wonders of the universe. THanks for sharing your characters and their valiant journies with us.

  7. I read Scattered Pieces after reading your post on Roxie’s blog- what a wonderful story teller you are- so much so that I found myself wishing I could speed read to get to the end. Glad to have found you and I’ll certainly be reading your other book as well!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words! It’s always a rush tohear that someone enjoys your stories. I hope you like Volunteer for Glory and Wrenn, Egypt House as much. Thank you again.

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