One To Get Ready, and Two To Go

The “one to get ready” announcement is a reminder of the NW Publishers Book Fair in Portland’s Pioneer Square on July 30th.  Puddletown Publishing Group will have a table, and I’m very excited to be one of their authors.  Pat Lichen, Roxie Matthews, Susan Landis-Steward and I will be there to schmooze and autograph copies of our books; Volunteer for Glory, Kidnapping the Lorax, Sanna, Sorceress Apprentice, and The Blind Leading the Blind.  Other tables will feature other publishers and authors.  Don’t miss Jean Sheldon, publisher and mystery writer (Flowers for Her Grave and Woman in the Wing) and Veronica Esagui, host of the local TV show, Authors Forum, and author of Veronica’s Diaries.  Come out to peruse, visit, and buy. The Fair runs from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Tents are provided for the booksellers in case the fickle Oregon weather decides to drizzle.

My “two to go” is announcing that, Scattered Pieces, my third novel, has come to the final round of checking for typos.

Scattered Pieces is scheduled for a late August release through Lisa Nowak’s Webfoot Publishing. Between now and then is the final run through of the manuscript and approval of a completed cover.  Lisa has just published her own YA novel, Running Wide Open, the first of a five book series set in the world of stock car racing.  Her second book, Getting Sideways, is set for publication in September.

I am still completely hyped with the positive reception that Volunteer for Glory is receiving and will continue to work hard at marketing, but I’m also looking forward to releasing Scattered Pieces first in e-pub formats and then in POD.

For those of you who don’t know anything about the story, Scattered Pieces is set from 1946 to 1961, a more recent era than the Civil War or turn-of-the-century. (Wrenn, Egypt House.) When Katie Harris’s little brother, Jimmy, disappears at a Cleveland train station, her life, and the life of her family, will never be the same. Determined to be the best she can be, and to make up for her brother’s loss, Katie excels in school, eventually majoring in psychology.  In the course of a graduate counseling internship, she is assigned an unsettling client who may be the link to what happened to Jimmy.

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  1. Good luck at the book fair, Alice! I wish I could go, but I’ll be with the Classic Car Club that weekend, doing a tour of Willamette Valley gardens down in the Salem area.

    • I wish you could also. Hope the Classic Car Club tour that takes to view some Valley gardens will be enough to take the edge off missing the book festival.

  2. Hi Alice, Terry just completed the Volunteer for Glory, and he said it was Great! So glad he read it……..Hope all goes well at the fair on the 30th! Enjoy!

  3. Love knowing that Terry enjoyed Volunteer! 🙂 Give him a big hug from me! Fingers crossed and comfortable shoes at hand (or foot?) for Saturday’s fair.

  4. I, too, wish I could join you at the fair, but I’m doing a fair of my own in DT Oregon City. Best wishes, and I gotta say that Scattered Pieces is a real winner. I loved every word.

    • Beth, I’ll be thinking of you. Fill me in on the details tomorrow. Thanks for your thumbs up on Scattered Pieces! 🙂

  5. Good luck at the fair, Alice! I hope you have a great time!

    • Thanks for the support, Laura. I’ll tell you all about it later!

  6. Good Luck at the Book Fair, Alice, Hope you sell lots of books!

    • Thanks for your good wishes, Jan. I really appreciate them.

  7. I can’t wait for your new book, Alice.

    • Orice, I can hardly wait either. 🙂 I’m anticipating the next section of your own writing. Keep up the good work.

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