Summer Dreams

Although cloudy, the day is warm. On the deck, eyes closed, filtered sunlight warms me, and I think of yester-years, when summer stretched from the first day of June all the way to anywhere. Each glorious day offered a wealth of possibility; games of pretend, bike riding, roller-skating, Saturday matinees, and stacks and stacks of library books. Even through my teens, summer brought freedom.  Horseback rides, rodeos, sun tanning, and boyfriends. Time to play, to lounge, and even watch pale moonflowers unfurl in early evening.

Gripped by nostalgia, I mourn the quickened pace of time. Summers that bordered unknown futures have dwindled into weekends. Seized by sudden melancholy, I recall Thomas Dylan’s admonition: “Do not go gentle into that good night.” Onward, upward, out of my chair! I must find that summer train. I may send postcards.

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  1. The days do seem to go way to fast now. Instead of all the fun activities we seemed to look forward to daily, it’s months away before we see that one week of family fun. Makes me want to set aside more time every day to relish in something fun!

    • Whittling down family fun to one or two weeks seems sad, doesn’t it? Good idea to add “fun” to our daily agendas. 🙂

  2. We’ll look forward to the postcards–or Facebook status updates! ;o)

    • Right! If I find a train schedule I’ll forward it to you. 🙂

  3. I too remember when summers went on forever. Nostalgia is memory’s refuge. As the years go by I still love the feel of sun on skin and blue skies to dream on. Would we give up the refuge of memory? I think not. Let’s not go gently into that goodnight!

    • No, we shall not leave gently but soar into a blaze of anticipated bliss. Remember those “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer”? I can still hear that record playing on the jukebox in that little store by the lake.

  4. Oh, how I’d like to see a few more of those summer days. This dreary, drippy gray is really getting to me.

  5. Oh Alice, no. You don’t make time stretch by stuffing it full of activities. You make time stretch by leaving it empty. Wandering through the sunshine with no agenda and no map, being in the present without clocks or calenders, falling into the skyness of blue or the multi-layered leafyness of green. Entire mayfly lives can well spent in such eternities.

    • Roxie, I think you’ve nailed it. It the boundless freedom of time undefined by endless chores and schedules. Thanks for reminding me.

  6. So true Alice, Time has passed so quickly. Those carefree days seem far away now. Enjoy each moment. We have so many distractions with modern technology we forget the things that bring us the greatest peace and pleasure.

    • Jan, you seem to echo Roxie’s comment about leaving open so it stretches out, unhindered by distractions and to-do lists. Thanks for your thoughts. Guess I’d better get off this techno-computer! 🙂

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