Countdown to the Civil War: April 15, 1861

President Lincoln declares a state of insurrection and calls for 75,000 volunteers. Patriotic speeches and music are heard in public gatherings, and newspaper editors dip their pens in flaming prose.

Rachel Norcross’s Diary, April 15, 1861:

I do not know what to do with myself now that war has been declared.  Stuart is sure to leave in the very near future, and the matter of spring plowing now seems of little moment. Every thought is subject to comparison against the fact of his leaving. I am ashamed to only consider my own situation when so many others will suffer the same fate, with possibly much worse to come.

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  1. Ah, Rachel, I know just how you feel, but it’s only human to be concerned about how these things effect you, and those crops are important. It’s not like you can just run down to Safeway for some frozen pizzas.

  2. If he leaves before the plowing’s done, then he’s no damn good as a farmer. Farmer’s fight in the winter, after the crops are gathered in. My heart goes out to you, dear.

  3. Uh-oh, Rachel. I have a bad feeling about how this war is gonna go…

  4. April 15th…I wodner if this is why they picked the date for taxes to be in?!!

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