Countdown to the Civil War: April 10, 1861

Confederate Secretary of War, Leroy Walker, telegraphs General Beauregard in Charleston to immediately demand that Union forces evacuate Fort Sumter.

The U.S.S. Pawnee proceeds toward Sumter with supplies.

Rachel Norcross’s Diary,  April 10, 1861:

I am feeling a bit more cheerful today and all because Stuart stayed home and began sketching plans for our first crops.  We had already discussed what to plant and where with the Westbrooks, but seeing Stuart actually engaged in drawing squares of land and penciling in proposed crops made my heart lighter.  Is it possible I have been unduly fearful?  Later he wooed me with tender kisses, but of that I will write no more.

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  1. Romance!

  2. Your writing brings anticipation to my reading of your novels! Can’t wait to read this one completely!
    Thanks for your hard work. !! YOU are wonderful!!!!!

  3. Oh, Rachel, those distracting tender kisses are the oldest trick in the book. He wants only one thing – to go shoot guns with the other boys.

    • You really cut to the chase, Roxie. I love your comments!

  4. That Stuart certainly knows how to get what he wants.

  5. Her lips are sealed!

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