Countdown to the Civil War: April 1, 1861

April 1, 1861: Within two weeks, The United States of America would formally declare a state of war in which the proposition of a United States would either be upheld or destroyed. South Carolina had presented a petition of secession on December 24, 1860.On January 9, 1861, Mississippi followed suit, joined in turn on January 10, by Florida and on the January 11 by Alabama.  The 16th brought the formal secession of Georgia. Louisiana troops had seized Fort Pike near New Orleans, and that state seceded on the 26th. By the time April rolled around, the country was in turmoil as more and more southern states aligned themselves with the Confederacy.  Delegates and legislators had all but abandoned their homes and offices in Washington D.C. The stage was set for the match that would light the fire of civil war.

On this date, April 1, 1861, President Lincoln was busy, compiling lists and orders, and receiving suggestions, if not policy recommendations, from Secretary of State Seward.  One of the Secretary’s suggestions was to change the emphasis from slavery as a bone of contention, to one of whether or not the compact of unity or dominion still held the states together under the federal government. There were concerns about foreign powers interfering or at least trying to influence the internal crisis fomenting at home. It is said that Lincoln at last had to remind Mr. Seward that he, not the Secretary of State, was president of the United States.

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