The Need For Fantasy

I believe we all have the need for fantasy. Seeing the latest Narnia movie in 3-D yesterday did much to fulfill that particular need.  A grandpa, buying tickets for himself and grandson, gulped audibly when he was told the “special event” surcharge.  But he paid up and with the rest of us boarded The Dawn Treader (a beautifully fantastic sailing ship) for a voyage into splendid possibility.

So many writers have brought imaginary worlds to life, giving readers (and moviegoers) entrance into lands where (as in Oz) troubles melt like lemon drops.  Blessings on all of them, who like pied pipers, usher us into the mysterious realm of the imagination.

In acknowledgment of their genius, I list some of the authors who have brought joy and adventure into my life.  They are prominent in the Who’s Who of fantasy writers:  H.G. Wells, C.S. Lewis, JRR Tolkien, (I read the Trilogy of the Rings every year), Frank Baum, Ray Bradbury, JK Rowling.  There are many others whose names I sadly cannot recall, though their works loom large in libraries and bookstores.

Fantasy writers take us through dark and dangerous places that culminate in the righting of wrongs (no pun intended) and the triumph of good over evil. They offer a glimpse into great principles that can seem murky and elusive in the real world.  In the search for fantastical truth, we enter the unknown forest, (as Joseph Campbell told us) to be challenged by obstacles, temptations, and personal fears; but only there will we discover our strength and courage. Through fantasy, we make the hero’s journey.

For brief hours in that darkened theater, worries and cares were banished. I became part of an adventure larger than life.  Emotions careened from wonder to fear, from transformation to tears. When it was over, I saw a bearded young man drying his eyes.  You see, he had been transported to that place where love and magic are one.

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  1. I hope to see it when it is at the Redbox

    • So nice to see you’ve found my blog! I’m sure you’ll love the movie! 🙂 Alice

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